Each of our more than 850 members lives in tranquility and freedom, a state that they should never have been deprived of.

Join us to build a world where humans and animals coexist in peace.

Your support is important.



✔ Deposit / Transfer to our bank account:

Banco Francés Fundación El Paraíso Hogar de Animales in argentine pesos or  dolars:

Number: 191-007531/9

CBU: 0170191920000000753199




Note: Once the deposit is made, please write to us at padrinazgos@elparaisoanimal.org to send us the receipt and leave us your comment. Thank you!

✔abillion app

Donate for free and in dollars with Abillion app.

  • Download the app for free on Google play or App store
  • Create your username
  • Make reviews of vegan and cruelty-free products that you have bought (they can be of any item) or dishes from restaurants where you have been and write your experience.
  • When the review is done you will get the option “Next donation unlocked / Donate Now”. There you can donate these money to our sanctuary.
  • You can donate continuously, and the money ALWAYS reaches us!

Skilled labor:

Having the help of professionals is essential to carry to improve the infrastructure and security of the property. Your time is welcomed!

We need:

✔ Building teams.



✔ Plumbers.

✔ Carpenters.


To collaborate, send us an email to:  voluntariado@elparaisoanimal.org



You can also help us from your venture or company through financial donations or products and services. To become a sponsor, write to us at marketing@elparaisoanimal.org