During COVID -19 pandemics visits will not be allowed. You can follow us on YouTube.

General Rodríguez, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

There are several ways to help us: donations, buying our products in our online store, signing our petition via change.org, applying as a volunteer, sponsoring one of our members, spreading our participation in events and sharing content that we upload to our social networks.

Being a volunteer of the sanctuary means collaborating from one or more areas (maintenance, events, marketing, transfer, donations, etc.) carrying out different tasks for the benefit of the foundation.

To receive more information and to apply please send us an email to voluntariado@elparaisoanimal.org with your personal information and contact number.


It means making a symbolic commitment through a monthly donation (you define the amount based on your will) with one of those rescued from the Sanctuary.


Sign and help us to achieve our dream: Building a Veterinary Hospital on the premises that benefits not only the inhabitants of “El Paraíso” but also the neighbors of General Rodríguez and its surroundings. CLICK HERE. Thank you!